About Linhai
For more than 50 years Linhai has been designing and manufacturing quality engines and vehicles for commercial and industrial use. In 1981, at the dawn of open market reform in China, Linhai began focusing on consumer market needs and successfully developed a line of motor scooters. From 2000 to 2005, Linhai established its position as the leader in Chinese recreational vehicle manufacturing with the development of its ATVs and CUVs.
Linhai & Sunright
Linhai has worked closely with Sunright for over a decade. The close product development and import partnership has introduced Linhai full size ATV 260, 300, 400, 550i and 700i; CUV 300, 400, 400i, 700i; and water cooled scooter 50, 150, 260, 300, 400i to the North American market. In addition to gas powered scooters, Linhai USA introduce the Aeolus line of electric and the gas/electric scooters in 2008. Using state-of-the-art Lithium Ion battery technology and electronic control systems, these scooters offer the performance and economy desired by today's consumers.
Linhai & Yamaha
In addition to its relationship with Sunright, Linhai benefits from a close relationship with Yamaha, including several joint ventures in the manufacturing of motorcycles, motor scooters, engines and generators. These products are distributed worldwide under the Yamaha brand. This sharing of technology and manufacturing expertise has led to Linhai being recognized as the leading Power Sports manufacturer in China.
Innovative DNA
Linhai has been a leader in the development of the Chinese motorsports industry. It's partnership with Sunright has resulted in a number of firsts in China:
  • First 260cc Liquid Cooled Motor Scooters
  • First Full Sized ATVs
  • First Two Stage Drive system for ATVs
  • First 300cc Liquid Cooled Motor Scooters
  • First 300cc Liquid Cooled ATV
  • First 400cc Scooter with Electronic Fuel Injection
  • First 550cc ATV with V Twin Engine featuring electronic fuel injection
History of Excellence
Linhai was recently recognized with two of the highest awards given to manufacturers in China:
  • 'The Award with High Honors' for Superior Quality and Manufacturing Excellence (National Government of China)
  • 'The Award for Excellence in Productivity and Internal Business Reputation' (The Enterprise for Quality and Customer Service)